Implementing asset management across your MAT

//Implementing asset management across your MAT

A centralised approach streamlines your asset management, enabling huge cost and time efficiencies and taking the burden off of your on-site school staff.

However, it can seem like a mammoth task to implement an asset management process across your entire MAT. There are several different locations to consider, with different sets of staff and ways of working.

Together, these schools will have thousands of physical assets – not to mention premises and intangible assets such as contracts. On top of that, there’s also audit trails, life cycles, routine maintenance and devaluation to consider. So why bother implementing a system at all?

Why you need asset management software

Without the aid of asset management software, it’s impossible to keep a real-time record of academy assets and their locations, so your academies will still operate as individual silos.

Cross-location data pooling solves this problem, enabling teamwork on a grand scale. Asset data is stored in the cloud, so staff at all your academies share the same information. More importantly, this provides your central trust management complete top-down visibility of assets across the entire trust.

It also enables other processes that would otherwise be impossible, such as robust audit trails and even shared maintenance and compliance. If you’re interested in a complete feature list of the market-leading academy asset management software package, you can always visit the PS Assets site.

With proper implementation, asset management software empowers management to coordinate individual academy efforts. This benefits all of a trust’s academies by reducing administrative burden. However, poorly implemented and feature-scarce software can instead weigh down academy operations.

The importance of training

Asset management software can be a powerful tool for MATs, but the effort taken to consolidate and centralise all this information by hand could be undone by a single rogue staff member.
If somebody fails to follow the process or even introduces new asset categories, it will completely throw out your carefully balanced spreadsheets and documents. Considering that the main reason for MATs is to benefit from shared resources, this adds up to a large wasted potential.

Expert training in your new system helps staff members ease into the process across every location, and reduces human error. Even better, some providers such as PS Assets have a dedicated support and implementation team to kickstart the management process for you with initial setup, so you can hit the ground running.

Choosing the right software

We know that we’re going to use software – now we just have to choose the right one. First and foremost, as your MAT has to coordinate contracts and services across multiple locations, you need real-time consolidation of data. This means that staff across all locations will see the same data updated in real time, so there’s no way to accidentally duplicate assets.

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s also crucial to choose a company that will attend your academies in person to set up and train staff. A dedicated helpdesk is also invaluable, as your staff may need additional support as time goes on.

The very best asset management solutions also monitor statutory compliance, routine maintenance, asset loan management, building condition surveys and even digital contract and document management.

PS Assets combines these features into a single, easy-to-use software package. If you’re interested in finding out more about how PS Assets can help your school, get in touch. The easiest way to implement a robust asset management system across your trust is to speak to an expert today.

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