What’s more convenient than cashless?

//What’s more convenient than cashless?

Very few of us have cash to hand these days; whether we’re paying for our morning coffee or costly train tickets, contactless debit and credit cards make things so much easier! These days, most of us now expect to be able to pay for things without having to dig through our purse and find loose change!

That’s why schools who are going cashless, and allowing parents to pay for school items such as school dinners, trips and uniform on a mobile app, are seeing the benefits!

Making quick, cashless payments through your phone makes life so much easier for all involved. Parents can make payments instantly and receive automatic reminders when their dinner money balance is running low.

Parenting expert, Sue Atkins, knows all about the frustrations of scratching around for loose change and cash on busy school mornings. In her latest video (see below!) Sue discusses why cashless payments are so much easier for busy parents on the go.

For parents, +Pay is convenient, easy to use and reliable; parents can access and top up their accounts when they need to most, even at the busiest times. Our socially-inclusive platform allows parents to top-up with credit/debit card, PayPal, PayPoint and AMEX, offering a solution for everybody.

Are you ready to go cashless? Contact us today to find out more about +Pay and our free mobile app for parents!

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